A comprehensive approach towards child development-Raghav Global School


Published on : 12-06-2021

As wisely said by Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” School is considered as the temple of knowledge and the epicenter of the dissipation of education. Parents and guardians make it their task to search the ideal School for educating their young ones. When we talk about an ideal School, Raghav Global School (RGS) heads the queue and outshines amidst the crowd of Delhi NCR.

RGS ensures holistic development of the child, where he/she learns through hands-on experience i.e. learning by doing. The RGS team is headed by experienced educationists, who are on a mission to build a School where each child can write their own success story in block letters. This is possible as the School comprises of bright and motivated teachers who indulge in understanding the individual differences amongst students and believe in honing characteristic skills.

The School is sprawled over an expansive area with state of the art infrastructure and armed with fully equipped Google Labs to meet the need of the hour. It often seems that RGS is playing in the lap of Mother Nature with meticulously manicured gardens, massive playgrounds and an exotic collection of blooms and trees. Under the direction of expert horticulturists and efforts of the students, the school had won the most coveted award of “Best School Garden” at the Noida Flower Show.

In every aspect, RGS proves to be the most ideal School as it shares a clear focus, high levels of collaboration and effective leadership with every student irrespective of their talents and interests. The classrooms are airy and well lit with sturdy seating arrangements. Special focus is laid on the teaching – learning process, which is completely based on constructivism, where child is the constructor of knowledge, as suggested and implied by philosophers like Tagore and Dewey. Here, the students are encouraged to learn by experimenting and observing amidst the nature.

A myriad of scholastic and co-scholastic activities including art and craft, vocal music, instruments, football, karate, skating, clubs, shutterbugs and drama have been designed by the faculty for shaping the individual interests of each and every child, so that they may empower their skills and emerge as winners according to their parameters.

The teachers of RGS are models of self-confidence and positive attitude. They are technologically adept and have empowered the School and the students to thrive through the pandemic as winners. Their sole aim is to encourage confidence, knowledge, compassion, scientific attitude, sportsmanship and National integration amongst students. RGS have become a highly decorated School in the region with their efforts,. I wish them all the best for their journey ahead.