School Curriculum

We at RGS believe that the purpose of academic success is to ensure that every child at RGS becomes a confident, successful, responsible and a happy individual. Setting our children for success, for a future that’s yet to unfold, is a responsibility that we owe to them…and is our mission!

PRE PRIMARY WING- ‘The Wonder Years!’ (Nursery and Preparatory)

The School promotes experiences that prompt awe and wonder and triggers curiosity for learning. Music, dance, art, drama, and communication and collaboration skills are important components of their learning programme. We follow “Curio Curriculum” in Nursery and Kindergarten classes. This curriculum caters to the holistic development of the Child.

PRIMARY WING- ‘The Fun Years!’ - Grades 1 to 5

It focuses on the young learners’ scholastic and co-scholastic development leading to a seamless child-centric progression. Our holistic approach involves interdisciplinary learning which fosters academic proficiency, creativity and imagination. Our teachers use Experiential learning strategies to help students engage, reflect and retain information and enjoy their learning journey.

MIDDLE WING- ‘The Curious Years!’ – Grade 6 to 8

Learners at this stage are in a critical phase of personal and intellectual development. It is a conflicting period of uncertainty, sensitivity, resistance and curiosity, hence the focus is on guidance, counseling and mentoring. Our teachers use multiple learning strategies to imbue the 21st century learning skills to ensure academic success and talent acquisition.

SENIOR WING- ‘The Rise n’ Shine Years!’ – Grades 9 to12

As students move into the final years of their schooling, we ensure they are guided, engaged and motivated in a more adult-oriented manner. Teaching techniques become more comprehensive. Assignments demand more involvement and independent thinking. Their growing maturity is acknowledged through increased responsibilities, in a demanding yet supportive environment.


This phrase beautifully describes how everything that an RGS-ian does at School. It is a fun learning journey (scholastic and co-scholastic), just like taking on an adventurous expedition with all its preparation excitement, joy, exploration, discoveries, enquiries, problem solving along with learning to deal with ups and downs that one faces during these ‘Happy Learning Adventures’!