Principal's Message

Change is imminent and we must adapt or face obsolescence. Human history has witnessed the largest disruption caused by the pandemic, dramatically affecting the education system also across the world. However online teaching- a panacea in the crisis - opened great opportunities to reinvent learning and assessment strategies. But how do we go beyond the first steps of change in education? How do we sustain momentum? Whether the pedagogy and curriculum, relevant today will prepare students to play a meaningful role over the next 25 years? We must rise to the challenges posed by several far-reaching trends in education, globally and in India, and bring about a transformation in human consciousness.

RGS is on a journey of creating a learning society for sustained and inclusive growth that builds human capital and fosters innovation. We are developing a thinking school, a crucible of critical creative thinking and active self-directed learning, where staff and students continuously challenge assumptions, ask good questions, learn from past experiences and study the best practices globally and adapt them locally to generate a climate that draws forth new attitudes, beliefs skills capabilities awareness and values. The aim is to thrive in a globalized world using 21 Century Skills.

I applaud the ‘RGS Team’ which is diligently inspiring children to the awareness of their ‘true self’ through knowledge.