The vast campus provides a perfect ambience for aesthetically designed, furnished and well ventilated classrooms integrated with smart boards. This technological support makes teaching-learning sessions interactive and interesting.

Our fully equipped Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Google labs nurture the innovative and scientific temperament in students. They are encouraged to explore, experiment and attain practical goals. Library and the reading room, a treasure trove of knowledge, captivate the young minds to think and discover the horizon of knowledge. The ICT Laboratories for the Primary, Middle and Senior levels help foster technological skills in students who design websites, create software programs and multimedia presentations.

The School has Smart Classrooms, and a Teacher’s Resource Centre to apply ICT pedagogy for effective teaching-learning. The Management invests in Teacher’s Training and encourages the faculty to support their professional growth. Training programmes on E-learning and life skills are taking them on a learning path ahead of past practices.