Published on : 06-09-2021

The thought processes are changing dynamically every day in the community and because of the changes taking place in the political and economic policies, it is important to take stock of the situation since we are living in an interdependent world. The reforms taking place are bringing in new dynamics in the household scenario and with India, on a fast track to re-emerge and evolve as a strong economic educational hub with Science. Technology, bio-technology, infrastructure medical innovation, change in the classroom is imminent. As information becomes abundant, it is imperative for educators to remember our basics…. It’s time to contemplate ….What society will we leave behind? We must question ourselves….we need to probe and think on these lines….And I believe the answers would come from within…. Today Teachers needs to deal with practical realities of globalisation with the dynamics of education undergoing a radical change and that we too as educators had to learn how to deal with changes.....move out of our comfort zone and try different methodology and understand that risk-taking, decision making and problem-solving are important for children as is the curriculum.

A teacher at Raghav Global School has moved ahead from a traditional ‘chalk and talk’ to ‘enablers’. These educators of tomorrow place much higher value on listening and communication skills, on collaborative learning, capabilities, critical thinking and systems thinking skills- because most work is increasingly interdependent, dynamic and global.

There may be a rapid increase in the industrial and services sector and many farmers will leave farming for more lucrative and less exhausting avenues of employment…..if so happens who will feed 1.4 billion people….How will we safeguard our food security? Will agricultural scientists bring another Green Revolution in the decades to come or we bridge not only the yield gap but also urban-rural digital and technology divides……. India’s demographics dividend by 2025 will have the largest pool of the youngest population in the world. There would be an increase in the educated urban population…..there would be an emergence of larger middle-class community….more women in the workforce …..more tech-savvy people….single income families won’t be able to afford education……presently new economics is effecting household environment… household economics is going to trouble our child too. A colossal challenge is how to tackle inflation, combat financial-economic turmoil, and learn to survive in the cutthroat competition ...and all this needs to be explained to the child of today who needs to think analytically of ‘tomorrow’.

At RGS, teachers provide top-quality education with individual attention to each and every child... his/her habits, learning, capacity, interests..... thereby developing each and every facet of his /her personality. We focus on quality rather than quantity….therefore we laid emphasis on the 1:24 student-teacher ratio so that a deeper understanding of minds is created amongst the students/teacher for effective learning. We prepare students for a world 10 years into the future to achieve excellence in environmental studies, space science, medicine, urban planning, architecture, trade and commerce.

Teachers undergo Continuous Professional Development Training to learn upgrade their perspective towards teaching and learning which also benefit pupils in the longer run. Teachers are trained to introspect, relax and contemplate daily which helps them to be objective, empathetic, kind and humane towards the children. We are moving ahead to develop an integrated personality of both the pupil and the teacher…. aim is to realize self-perfection in physical, mental, vital, psychic and spiritual aspects.

~Richa Sharma