HOUSE System


Courage and Leadership Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj- a self made leader and King. An innovator and an able commander. He successfully used effective tactics to outwit his enemy.

House color – RED Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, strength, power, determination. Therefore this colour symbolizes the fact that children should imbibe the values of courage and confidence which will empower them to conquer all obstacles and have a clear vision of the future.


Valour and Patriotism Maharana Pratap – valour and unbreakable determination personified. He sacrificed his life protecting the religion, culture, freedom of his nation.

House color – BLUE Blue is the color of the azure sky and the colour of the fathomless ocean .It radiates quietude and calmness, yet at the same time it is vibrant and dynamic. Thus the brilliant hue of Pratap House symbolises the cardinal virtues of valour and patriotism.


Non violence and Kindness Ashoka renounced violence ; he promoted religious tolerance and core universal values including respect for all life, concern for animals and for the environment and the importance of spiritual awareness.

House color – GREEN Green is the colour of balance, harmony and growth. The students of Ashoka House are expected to imbibe the spirit of this colour .They are inspired to be supremely honest and devoutly sincere and love and respect all life.


Prosperity and Success Kanishka was a great king, great alike in war as in peace. His competence as a great conqueror had been proved by his conquests.

House color – YELLOW The golden rays of the sun drive out the darkness and bring with them the promise of a bright and brilliant future. The students of Kanishka House are made to realise that through perseverance comes prosperity and success that will help them to achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals.