Published on : 05-04-2021

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

-Nelson Mandela.

Education is a quintessential weapon that can empower a person to reach the zenith. It opens the door for multiple arenas and encompasses a wide scope of career options that can help anyone to achieve whatever they desire.

On a mission to nurture every child’s innate creativity and imagination, thereby instilling confidence in all that a child aspires to be.

Raghav Global School provides effectiveness to apply knowledge and skills to meet Global standards. A blend of determination, enthusiasm and ample experience in the education field, the facilitators work intending to cater to the overall development of the child and create responsible citizens of the Nation.

Our School provides for an infrastructure specially designed to create a conducive learning environment, comfort and safety for the students amidst the pandemic situation. The scenic beauty of the School Garden adds to the glory and is ever so welcoming for every student.

With the motto “Ever to Excel”, the school is committed to inculcate in the students a positive behaviour leading to academic excellence, emotional, social, and cognitive development. Education is one such source, which helps us to attain not only academic knowledge but also enlightens us with worldly understanding. An amalgamation of the right knowledge and good experience results in wisdom. This wisdom becomes the key to self-control, discipline, the power to guide others and most importantly to learn from our mistakes, giving space to more opportunities Therefore, as an Institution, we impart education with a holistic approach. We believe in imparting modern-day technological aids for better student learning outcomes. Certainly, education has become a necessity to survive in today’s world. The technological boom has made education act as a lifeguard to sail through the Ocean of Competitions and Opportunities.

Education is indeed a doorway to success and as an Institution, we believe in providing a student-friendly and academically strong environment.

- By Ojasvi Bhat