About the School

Raghav Global School is an Institution of the RBS Educational Society. The School is an unaided, English medium, K-12 co-educational Institution, affiliated to CBSE. In the future, we aim to affiliate with an International Board as well.
The foundation School began in April 2012, with Playgroup, Pre Primary and Grades I and 2. At present, the School is from Playgroup to Grade XII. The learning progression at RGS is extremely child-centric, relevant, challenging and promoting excellence in every sphere of a child’s development.
Raghav Global School has a state-of-the-art infrastructure with Digital classrooms, an intra-school connect and a network of close circuit cameras to ensure round the clock safety and well-being of our children.
The School has a sprawling campus spanning 4.5 acres. It has manicured lawns, an exquisite collection of plants and a small Horticulture set-up, which is nurtured and taken care of by the students under the able guidance of the specialists. RGS is passionate about the environment and believes in promoting the same in students via kindling a love for mother nature, trees and plants.

The Best Green Campus in Noida

Raghav Global School, Noida bagged the coveted ‘Best School Garden’ at the three days 31st annual Noida Flower Show ‘Vasant Utsav’ at Noida Stadium.

PRIMARY WING- ‘The Fun Years!’ - Grades 1 to V

RGS has a unique integrated curriculum framework of Scholastic and Co-Scholastic essential elements (as per the CBSE guidelines). We focus not only on information and conceptual knowledge but on skills, attitudes, and actions- equipping our young learners to have fun while learning in a joyful environment. The focus area, in these years, is more on kindling creativity and imagination, comprehension, fluency of language conventions and numeracy skills thereby creating a robust foundation for the Middle School Curriculum.

MIDDLE WING- ‘The Curious Years!’ – Grades VI to IX

The Middle School curriculum framework comprises of scholastic programme (English, Hindi, Mathematics, General Sciences, Social Science, ICT and the third language- Sanskrit/French/German) providing a broad and balanced academic programme for adolescents. The students get to opt for various Co-Scholastic programmes (Art & Craft, Western music, Indian music- Instrumental and Vocal, Dance, Sports and Games); the flexibility in the options for the aforementioned choices, allows students to meet their interest combined with their academic learning goals. The outlook at RGS is to broaden the adolescents’ perspective and create opportunities to become more independent and confident. Hands-on activities, experiments, enquiry based projects, research & investigations, art appreciation & photography for middle schoolers are just some of the ways we explore and promote excellence.

SENIOR WING- ‘The Rise n’ Shine Years!’ –Grades IX to XII

As students move into the final years of their schooling, we ensure they are guided,engaged and motivated in a more adult-oriented manner. Teaching techniques become more comprehensive. Assignments demand more involvement and independent thinking. Their growing maturity is acknowledged through increased responsibilities, in a demanding yet supportive environment. Learners are supported to make successful transitions, transforming them into competent and capable individuals ready to face the brink of adulthood with a ’can-do’ attitude!